Save 10+ hours a week after taking this course. Guaranteed.

I will give you the tools, processes & templates I've created over the past 5 years so you can learn how to effectively use Virtual Assistants

What You'll Learn

Find Quality Employees

I'll teach you how to find and interview VA's so you don't waste your time getting low quality talent. We'll have different options based on your budget.

You'll learn how to filter for the right people, ask the right interview questions, and use the right case study interviews.

How to Delegate Work

This is where most people screw up. People don't know how to delegate to VA's.

VA's are not like college-educated US employees. You need documented processes & extremely clear directions.

It took me years to learn how to be methodical in managing VA's. I'll teach you how.

Learning to Let Go

I used to be a control freak. It was very tough for me to delegate if someone couldn't do the job at least as good as me.

I'll teach you how to identify what needs to be delegated and how to be comfortable that the work product will still be excellent.

Security to Protect Yourself

One of the most common questions people ask me: How can you be comfortable with someone having access to so much stuff?

I'll teach you how I use a control framework to mitigate financial & identity risks.

Access to all my Templates

VA's need standardized documents that has all the information they need to do their job really well.

Otherwise, they ping you all day asking questions. Your time get sucked up and having a VA adds more to your plate.

You'll get all my templates so you don't make this mistake.

Learn from Successful Business Owners

We have 2 guest speakers that have built amazing Businesses using VA's.

For example, a Self-Storage operator who owns over 1M square feet of Self-Storage Real Estate and will tell you how he uses VA's to manage his Real Estate portfolio.

Alumni Testimonials

"Rohun did an excellent job going over the entire process of hiring, onboarding, delegating, and managing VAs. The templates alone are worth the price of the course, and the guest speakers makes this course a no-brainer."
"Removed the question marks of hiring oversea talent. The full spectrum was covered in the course; posting the job, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, operations, & security. 5 stars for Rohun!"
"An amazing guide to delegation. It helps to hire the right VA and to create proven structures and systems to enable and make delegation work. It is a great course that guides how to delegate with confidence to elevate productivity and performance and to grow business."
"Really enjoyed this course. Rohun didn't hold back when it came to adding value. Highly recommend."

Jonah Joseph

Founder, JG Builds

Who I built this course for

high-performers who value their time.

Business owners

who are too stressed from working on too many tasks that should be delegated

Executives & Managers

that want to learn how to find employees for 80% less cost than U.S. employees

Virtual Assistant believers

the people that have tried using VA's before but keep failing (as I did for years until I learned how to use VA's effectively)


that want to offload operational and admin tasks at a reasonable cost

About your Instructor

Founder of JT Capital

🔥 I wrote the most popular thread on the internet of how to use Virtual Assistants (here)

✅ Scaled a Real Estate Private equity firm to over $500M in Assets. VA's manage 100% of the back office.

❓ Questions? Shoot me a DM on Twitter by clicking the Tweet button below!

Frequently asked questions

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Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, 100%. If you access < 50% of the material within 14 days and aren't satisfied, I'll refund. You may not, however, access over 50% of the course, or download any of the templates and request a refund. This is unfair to other students. 

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